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It’s Christmas

We went to see the Nutcraker today – it was amazing to see all the dancers in a professional company. I really wish I would’ve been a ballerina.

Our tree is up and decorated, we’ve spent lots of time at the mall (only a couple blocks away from the apartment), and have programmed the TiVo to record any and all showings of “The Santa Clause” with Tim Allen. That is truly the best Christmas movie of them all – though I think that we are biased because of our collective obsession with “Home Improvement.”

Up next is the infamous ABC holiday party. Last year we went in the pouring rain to meet my (now OUR) highly intoxicated co-workers and supervisors. This year’s black & white party promises to be even better. I hope we see similar displays of coworkers behaving badly (seriously, who ‘grinds’ with the chief marketing officer and still has a job? This is the real ABC culture).

Anyway, it’s our first Christmas living together and being engaged, and we are looking forward to it. Here’s a picture of us from last year’s party.

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