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So, it’s been a few weeks since I’ve updated, but that’s because I’ve been kicking ass at my wedding to-do list. TheKnot.com’s got nothing on me – I may be eating my words later on, but this wedding planning stuff isn’t as stressful as people make it out to be. We’re heading back to Ohio next weekend to take care of some more details, but all the biggies are out of the way. Next are DJ, flowers, and dresses…that’s another story. Be sure to check out our wedding website for more details and our wedding blog: www.phelpscity.wordpress.com (sorry, Blogger). My BF/FH (future hubby) loves to “check the tech” and did a great job putting our page together.

Second, I must share a milestone in my life – winning Monopoly. Sure, I had to be conniving and dump my future in-laws and hubby out on the streets for not paying rent on Park Place, but it’s all fun right 🙂 I have a feeling a re-match is in order…and I am scared.

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