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Mad Men (and women)

We are big fans of the show “Mad Men,” and I often consider the women of the show my fictional style inspirations. So I was really excited to learn that Banana Republic was doing a “Mad Men” style promotion for the summer. You just submit a photo of yourself in your best “Mad Men” outfit for the opportunity to win a walk-on role on the show.

After browsing some of the early submissions, it was clear that a lot of people interpreted this challenge as “submit ANY photo of yourself – get on the internet!” Lots of them just looked like normal headshots of aspiring actors. So Chris and I took the challenge – we raided the Archbold Community Theater costume room back home in Ohio and found a perfect outfit. Then we set up some shots in my office after work this week.

Chris did an awesome job with the photos – especially considering I’m definitely not a model. We played around with the white balance and then desaturated and applied a monochrome filter in post-processing to get a faded look. I’m so impressed. If we had more time, we could’ve been even more creative.

I’ve got no chance of winning – some of the other entries are fantastic. But I had a good time. Vote for me anyway at http://madmencastingcall.amctv.com/photos/view/3283.

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